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Space Only[edit]

Astrophotography images should not include terrain, trees, buildings, people, animals, or vehicles. This includes airplanes, birds, and other such things that might transit your image.

High resolution images of satellites that show surface/mechanical detail, or planned satellite transits of the moon or sun are allowed.

Images of astrophotography equipment, images for the purpose of engaging the community in discussion of processing or acquisition techniques, or images necessary to identify or discuss a problem or issue with equipment are allowed if properly flaired.

OC Only[edit]

We accept Original Content (OC) or informative and thoughtful discussion only. Submitted images must be entirely your own work, including acquisition and processing. Some examples follow:

Please do not submit your process of someone else's data as "Objectname from _____'s data". These posts will be removed.

You are welcome and encouraged to submit processes of public/shared data *if your submission details a new or particularly intriguing processing method or workflow." In these cases, the submission should be a Text Post, and include *complete details* on the process.

Processes of other members' data are welcome in comments, if allowed/requests by the OP.

No Thread Highjacking[edit]

  • "Oh wow, I shot this object too, here's my version!" is an inappropriate attempt to steal attention for yourself, and will not be tolerated. An image submission is OP's chance to share, discuss, and receive feedback on his/her image, and is not an invitation for others to jump in with their own work. If you have an example of this target you'd like to share, please do so as a submission itself.
  • Alternative processes or examples of a similar target or object, posted to offer advice or guidance to improve acquisition or processing, are welcome in the comments section of any submission.

Acquisition and Processing Details Are Required[edit]

  • Self explanatory. if you post an image, post complete and thorough acquisition and processing details for the image as a top-level comment.
  • A reasonable amount of time will be given to type up the A&P details, but submitters are encouraged to type them up ahead of time in notepad, and then copy/paste to the thread.

Offsite Links Must Involve Discussion[edit]

  • While we welcome and encourage valuable information to be shared with the whole community, please refrain from submissions that are simply links to a blog post or article with titles such as "New process I read about" or "Interesting take on ____".
  • Such content should be submitted for the purpose of discussion and debate, and should include *considerable commentary* by the OP as a top level comment immediately upon their submission.